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Available in two standard sizes:


1000 x 1000 x 16mm (39" x 39" x 5/8")


2000 x 1000 x 16mm (78" x 39" x 5/8")


Non-standard sizes readily available.


Our rectangular Trailer Plates have non-trip chamfered edges and recessed holes, allowing for easy surface mounting.


If you are starting to notice a declination in the quality of your concrete or you would like to protect a newly laid yard or loading bay area, our Trailer Plates offer a cost-effective solution. There is no need to dig up the yard which means no long-term disruption for your business. We can cover over the damaged or worn area with a quick and easy installation of our surface mounted Trailer Plates.


Trailer Plates are designed to bridge the gap between a wagon and the loading bay area. They provide a secure surface to rest unmounted lorry trailers that are not connected to a vehicle. Installing Trailer Plates can prevent or safely cover damaged concrete areas of the forecourt or loading bay. They can also help prevent dangerous trailer creep when resting on uneven surfaces, which could cause Health & Safety issues.


The trailer landing legs stand on the Trailer Plates protecting the floor from repetitive heavy loads and the constant movement of trailer support legs. This also decreases downtime with no more need for regular and costly ground repairs. The Trailer Plates are capable of withstanding up to 30 tonnes.

Not a cost but an investment

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All trailer Plates are supplied in SAFETY YELLOW for high visibility. This ensures that the lorry drivers can see where they are unloading their trailer. The corrosion proof plates will not fade over time and will not need painting unlike some metal plates.



Trailer Plates should be fixed to a solid level floor. Any uneven ground must be levelled prior to fitting.


Our Trailer Plates are chemical and water resistant. This means that they do not rust or flake. They are designed to be extremely hard wearing meaning very little maintenance is required.


They will operate at high & low temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

These materials are 100% recyclable.



Industrial Trailer Parks


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