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High quality, British made steel security doors.

Top quality steel doors, for wide ranging applications.


Double, single and leaf and a half, built from superior steel and perfectly finished with powder coating and your choice of hardware.


With considerations like Security, Protection, Temperature Control, Visibility, Acoustics and basic access we're sure we can provide a Steel Doorset to suit your needs.


Versatility is high on the list of what makes a steel door great. Our doorsets offer fantastic flexibility for application in a host of different situations and environments.

Your steel door, configured and built to order from your specification to your satisfaction.

Strongdor secured by steel is the registered trade mark of Strongdor Limited

To find the Steel Door that best suits your needs please look through the list below:

Steel Door Climador Door Firedor 3 Glassdor Acoustidor 2 Ballistador Securidor Blastdor 1 Atexdor 2 Gasdor 1 Louvidor Atak_double_int

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