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Service and Maintenance

With many years of experience working in the industry DNA Products bring together an experienced workforce specializing in many products including Sliding, Hinged and High-Speed Doors.


A door with worn gaskets can be very costly when trying to keep a room at a low temperature. We can service all types of Sliding, Hinged, Steel and High-Speed Doors, Roller Shutters and Sectional Doors to prevent these extra and unnecessary costs.

We can replace Gaskets, Guide Rails, Handles, Locks, Hinges, Rollers and much more.


We can modify existing doors with upgrades like protective Kick Plates to prevent damage to your door leaf.


We can also fit new heaters to Sliding and Hinged doors in a freezer environment.


We can service or replace your Sliding Rail. Some of these can have bearings that wear over time.


We can replace damaged door leaves or supply an entirely new door with complete with frame if needed.

We also manufacture our own Universal Auto Kit which is available for installation to almost every Sliding Door track on the market to date, including Fermod Rails.

From a Health and Safety point of view this prevents you from having to physically open the door yourself and can increase efficiency with the Auto-Close feature.

See our Universal Auto Kit page for more information

Spare Parts

If you prefer to carry out your own maintenance we have a large stock of Spare Parts which can be supplied directly.

1. Guide Rail 2. Handle 3. Hinges 4. Gasket

Guide Rails

Handles / Locks



Auto Kit - Pull Cord Switch Auto Kit - Key Fob Auto Kit - Push Buttons Auto Kit - Radar

Push Buttons

Photocell Transmitter T15 (Universal)

Pull Cord Switches


Remote Transmitter Key Fobs

Photocell Receiver R.15

Spare Parts - Photocell Transmitter T15 (Universal Spare Parts - Photocell Receiver R.15 Spare Parts - FERMOD Internal Handle Spare Parts - FERMOD External Handle Spare Parts - Xenon Beacon, Red, Flashing, Surface Spare Parts - RoLP Maxi Red 6 Tone Electronic Soun

Fermod Internal Handle - Sliding Door

Fermod External Handle - Sliding Door

Xenon Beacon, Red, Flashing, Surface Mount

RoLP Maxi Red 6 Tone Electronic Sounder

....... and many more

Call us on 01472 361601 or email [email protected]


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Impact Damage

Doors do not fail simply because of wear and tear. Quite often we are called to site after a collision with a Forklift Truck or a wagon has led to severe damage of a door or loading bay area. Quite often this damage can prevent the door or dock leveller etc. from working properly. We can assess the safety of the existing products while taking measurements for replacement parts. We will try to match the colour of the existing products or the surrounding area if it is colour coded.

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