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Colour: Clear PVC


Suitability: Pedestrian and motorised traffic


Hanging System: Stainless Steel


Application: Suitable for internal and external use (see available thicknesses below)


These strip curtains are available in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses to suit all environments.

Options available:

200 mm x 2 mm Thickness x 2 m Length - Internal

200 mm x 2 mm Thickness x 3 m Length - Internal

300 mm x 3 mm Thickness x 3 m Length - External

300 mm x 3 mm Thickness x 4 m Length - External

400 mm x 4 mm Thickness x 4 m Length - External

400 mm x 4 mm Thickness x 5 m Length - External


When your freezer or cold room door is open, even for a small period of time, your cooling equipment will begin to work harder to counter act the loss or gain of temperature. However, install a set of our PVC strip curtains and you will minimize temperature loss / gain even further and save money on your running costs. They will start saving you money immediately.


Our PVC Strip Curtains are long lengths of PVC which are fixed to a hanging rail. They form a vertical curtain and can be attached across the top of a doorway and are ideal for internal/external doors and personnel access. These PVC curtains are designed to stop insects and debris coming into the open doorway as well as maintaining control of the temperature.


These PVC Strip Curtains are a cost effective and easy to maintain replacement for doors in large areas like factory floors and warehouses. Before you purchase a PVC curtain it is important to think about the right thickness of PVC and how much of an overlap and fitting system is needed for your environment.

Strip Curtains in use

So simple you could fit them yourself  

Strip Curtain Hanging Rail


Reduces heat loss - acts like a thermal barrier


Reduce dust or fumes ingress


Good visibility reduces the risk of accidents


Long lasting as PVC does not rot


Reduce insect and bird nuisance


Each strip comes complete with fitted stainless steel hanging clamp


Wall bracket / hanging rail is available in 984 mm strips

Features & Benefits

All of our Strip Curtains are made from Cadmium Free PVC.


PVC Strip Curtains provide a barrier against insects, dust, debris and litter from entering a factory or warehouse through open doorways. They can be found in:


Commercial kitchens

Walk in fridges and freezers


Loading bays

Typical Applications

2mm Thick - For internal use

Strip Curtain 2000mm x 200mm x 2mm (1) Strip Curtain 2000mm x 200mm x 2mm (2) Strip Curtain 2000mm x 200mm x 2mm (3)

The 2mm thick curtain is more suitable for Interior doors. These lighter curtains are ideal for pedestrian entrances rather than vehicle access.

3/4mm Thick - For external use

The 3mm & 4mm thick curtains are more suitable for Exterior doors. These heavy-duty curtains are ideal for entrances with vehicle access like Coldrooms and dispatch areas.

Cadmium Free Strip Curtain 3000mm x 200mm x 2mm (1) Strip Curtain 3000mm x 200mm x 2mm (2) Strip Curtain 3000mm x 200mm x 2mm (3)

2mm Thick - For use in a Welding Area

The 2mm thick welding curtain is made from a spark proof green translucent PVC for use in welding areas to protect others from the glare and sparks produced while welding.

Strip Curtain Hanging Rail Welding Curtain

The Welding Curtain PVC Strips give immediate effective screening from welding flash, filtering 99% of harmful UV light. Most welding areas use solid protective screens to creat a shield which can create an issue when it comes to accessing the area. Our PVC Strips are the ideal solution for accessing your welding area while keeping others safe from danger and preventing any health and safety issues.


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