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Sorting your produce / products will be no problem at all when you purchase our modular shelving. With many sizes available and being so easy to fit, you will have your storage area up and running in no time.


The shelving consists of anodised aluminium uprights and cross bars with copolymer inserts, which are removable and suitable for use in a commercial dishwasher.


Our shelving is also great for use with food (hospitality), cooking or cleaning products

in your professional kitchen environment. All shelving has CE marking and NF food hygiene certificates (ISO9001 certificate of quality) for manufacturing.

Mix and Match

Available in four different standard dimensions

(GN 1/1, GN 2/3, 15 and 19 inches).

The different shelves fit together and can be combined to achieve a set tailored to your needs.



Manufactured in 15 micron anodised aluminium, with food safety certification.



In the hospitality industry most of the stock is perishable. Every time a food item is spoiled in your kitchen your company is losing money, so it is very important to have our Modular Shelving for a hygienic storage of food items that facilitates stock management.

One Product, Several Uses

These shelves are a storage solution for catering,

restaurants, clean rooms and many more applications.


Functional Design

A simple and practical system with an attractive

design and assorted colors available.

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The 15 micron anodised aluminum used and the high-density polyethylene shelves provide excellent performance at temperatures between –40ºC and +80ºC.


Easy Assembly

These shelves combine a functional and elegant design with quick and easy assembly, and with finishes designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. There is no need to use tools or screws.


In addition, its resistant materials guarantee a capacity per shelf of between 100 and 120kg. The adjustable legs and set of shelves (up to 10 tiers), together with the angular assembly ability, help it to adapt perfectly to the space inside the cold room.

Don’t forget!

To speed up your enquiry, should you want to buy, please have ready the sizes you require. If you are unsure, please call us and we can help you further.

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