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Our modular Coldrooms stand out from traditional Coldrooms.

They are the result of a major research effort which involved professionals from several countries.


With volumes from 2.3 up to 20 m³ our cold rooms are ideal for

small spaces, the perfect substitute for situations in which refrigerators and refrigerated cabinets are no longer enough.


Our Coldrooms offer practical and professional solutions to meet conservation and storage needs in hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, shops and commercial/industrial kitchens.

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Cold Room 2


Our range of cold rooms was developed to combine:

•Aesthetics and quality

•Ease of transport and assembly

•Economical price and low energy consumption

•Easy maintenance

The best finishes guarantee quality and robustness as they are made in a modern plant meeting the most stringent European standards. In the vertical modules and the roof, galvanised steel with epoxy paint suitable for use with food is used.


DNA Products offer 92 standard models, with one single panel thickness, 85mm and two exterior heights, 2000mm and 2400mm for Coldrooms with floor and 2030mm and 2430mm for cold rooms without floor. The insulation is 85mm thick polyurethane, with a 40kg density per m³ and is finished in sheet steel lacquered in white, food-safe.

The standard construction is with flooring for Coldrooms for negative or positive temperatures or without flooring for Coldrooms at positive temperatures.


For negative temperatures the floor panels are reinforced and have a resistant phenolic resin finish.


Positive temperature rooms without floors are supplied with a special PVC profile which includes the coving section. This assures easy assembly and a perfect finish and guarantees the breakdown of the thermal bridge.

Cold Room 3

Sizes And Volumes

Depending on the height selected, the Coldroom may have the following sizes and volumes.


It is assembled from the inside, which, in the case of small premises, enables you to take maximum advantage of the available space and height.

Assembly - Cold Room


Assembly - Cold Room 2


Thanks to the 20cm wall and roof modules, the assembly time is reduced and the involvement of numerous people in the process is avoided.


DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (2000mm)

DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (2400mm)


DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (2030mm)

DEPTH (mm) HEIGHT (2430mm)

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CFC Free

DNA Products Coldrooms are manufactured with materials that respect the environment (for example, CFC and HCFC free polyurethane insulation), in modern factories and with innovative machinery that ensures permanent levels of quality.