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Opening Speed: 0.9m/sec.


Closing Speed: 0.9m/sec.


Motor: The Motor can be supplied for left or right-hand

operation depending on where the door is being installed.


Size: Widths from 1200mm (w) to 4000mm (w)

        Heights from 2200mm (h) to 4000mm (h)


Safety: CE Mark in compliance with all the requirements of the

European EN13241-1:2003 safety standard for preventing accidents

and minimizing damage.


Emergency stops on both sides.


Active light curtain 2500mm high that stop the door from closing if a

person or vehicle is detected


Structure: Self-supporting.


Power: As standard the Power Supply is 3 Phase 400V 16 Amp.

             For an extra cost Single Phase 240V can be supplied.


Curtain: 1mm Thick PVC 950g/m2.


Opening device: 1no additional Push Button supplied as standard.


Application: Internal as standard. External available with added wind resistance.


Material: The Frame, Canopy and Motor Cover are made from Anodised Aluminium.


Efficiency: All High-Speed Doors will optimise logistics, eliminate draughts and heat loss and will reduce dust and noise pollution.


Usage: Suitable for continuous and intensive use.


Vision: One row of rounded rectangular panels are supplied as standard. 1430mm from ground. More vision panels are available upon request.


Customisation: Silk screen printing, digital prints and logos on curtains are available upon request.


Heavy & Light Industries


Steel and Iron Industries


Engineering Industries


Chemical Industries


Food Processing Industries


Textile Industries

Installation is quick and easy as the Motor, Control Panel and Encoder cables are pre-wired into plugs for fast and simple connection on site.

All doors are supplied with a crank handle for use in case of a power cut. A stop is activated for safety purposes, so the door cannot be used while the handle is in place.

The DNA Products Rollspeed is a fast action High-Speed door engineered to operate intensively at high frequency, many times a day. The curtain is rolled up around an aluminium shaft, travelling over high quality bearings, with the aim of reducing wear and tear and increasing durability.

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Technical Drawing PDF

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Available Colours


Think safe

Time saving

Rollspeed Drawing

Opening Options

  • Induction Loop Inside/Outside – Included: 100mts flexible cable 1 mm thickness  

  • Radars Inside/Outside

  • Pull Cord Inside/Outside Support and 5m cord included

  • Remote Controls/Receivers

  • Clearwave - Non-touch opening device for hygienic areas


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Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear and provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than bare metal does.


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Signal Options

  • Safety Light

  • Safety Light with Sound

  • Traffic lights

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High-speed doors are technical enhancements of the generally known sectional doors.

Model Options

DNA Products - Rollspeed S - Yellow 1



DNA Products - Rollspeed C - Blue 3
  • Standard Rollspeed Door  

  • Stainless Steel Frame

  • Stainless Steel Canopy & Motor Cover

  • Chiller door with Insulated Curtain

  • Available in 6mm or 12mm thick

  • Stainless Steel Canopy & Motor Cover

  • Heater Kit also available

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