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  • Self- repairing

  • Rapid

  • Sealing

  • No rigid elements inside the curtain for 100% safety

  • Plug & play (easy to install)

  • Noiseless

  • Low maintenance

  • Energy savings

  • Allow the traffic flows in safety between  areas of high temperature gap

  • Double PVC curtains (airspace between 200 mm)

The DNA Products Coldspeed is a self-repairing roll up door equipped with 2 curtains without any rigid elements. A 200mm divide between the curtains in the closed position creates and insulated air space.


This makes the Coldspeed ideal for refrigerated areas where it is important to separate environments with a positive or negative temperature. This avoids condensation and ice build-up which can be dangerous for workers and can impede the operation of the door itself.


The Coldspeed can be installed in both positive and negative temperatures and it's a guaranteed of safety for workers and means. Thanks to the non-rigid curtains and the sliding self-repair system if a collision occurs the curtain leaves the guide to prevent damage. Once the door is in the open position it will begin to close and automatically reinsert itself.

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Double curtains door ideal solution for:

  • Refrigeration industry

  • Ideal to manage high temperature differences even without a humidity-controlled system.


Frame/Motor Cover - Hood

Standard: Galvanized Steel

Optional: Powder coated Steel                                      

Stainless Steel 304/316


Control Panel

Power supply 3-ph, 230 V

Power supply 3-ph + N 380 V

Inverter system 50/60 Hz with absolute encoder

IP rating for motor and control panel IP54



Standard: Photocells set IP65

Anti-jam sensor reverse

Wi-Fi safety edge IP65

Optional: Multi ray light curtain barrier

H2500 IP67


Heating Kit

A: Heater on electrical components and mechanical, heating cable 30W ml

B: Heater in air space with warm air blower

3,7 KW max.



The Motor can be supplied for left or right-hand

operation depending on where the door is being installed.

Maximum Dimensions

6000mm W x 7000mm H


Max. Opening Speed

up to 1.8m/s


Max. Closing Speed




Standard: PVC curtain 900 gr/m²


Wind Resistance

Class 2



Not self-supporting



Plug and Play system IP65


Cycles (EN12604)

1.000.000 (tested)




Dynamicroll 2

All doors are supplied with a crank handle as standard for use in case of a power cut. A stop is activated for safety purposes, so the door cannot be used while the handle is in place. A Hand chain can be supplied if requested. A UPS Battery can also be fitted to maintain power during a power cut. This should be enough to activate the door a couple of times if needed.

Think safe

Installation is quick and easy as the Motor, Control Panel and Encoder cables are pre-wired into plugs for fast and simple connection on site.

Time saving

Dynamicroll Self-Repairing

The Coldspeed has a self-repair sliding system with a side zipping feature that creates tightness across the curtain and improves wind resistance. If a collision occurs the curtain leaves the guide to prevent damage. Once the door is in the open position it will begin to close and automatically reinsert itself. This saves time as no intervention is needed.

Self Reparing

  • Induction Loop Inside/Outside – Included: 100mts flexible cable 1 mm thickness

  • Radars Inside/Outside

  • Pull Cord Inside/Outside Support and 5m cord included

  • Remote Controls/Receivers

  • Clearwave - Non-touch opening device for hygienic areas

Opening Options

Available Colours

Dynamicroll Colours Coldspeed Vision Panel

Vision Panels

Vision panels are available upon request.

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We can also offer full Service and repairs on this model

Dynamicroll Spec Icons - GREY Dynamicroll Table - GREY Dynamicroll Devices - Light Grey