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DNA Products Isothermal Hinged Fire Rated Doors are insulated doors which stand out from other traditional doors due to their exceptional build quality, robust design and competitive pricing.


They offer practical and professional solutions to meet door requirements needs in hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, shops and commercial/industrial premises and are tested according to standards EN1363-1:2012 and 1634-1:2014, this door is re-rated during 1H30 (EI2-90*).

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These doors were developed to combine:


•Aesthetics and quality


•Ease of transport and assembly


•Easy maintenance


•Longevity of furniture

Due to the practical conception in assembly and operation, they are specifically recommended for:




•Fast Food outlets


•Retail premises


•Industrial and commercial applications

Frame and counter frames manufactured in A-304 stainless steel.


The door blade is manufactured out of an insulated rockwool panel wrapped in 2 sheets of galvanised steel to create a solid 120mm thick door.


Furniture on the door consists of high quality polyimide hinges with lift ramp, an industrial polyimide three-point lock which can also be opened from inside for safety.


The gaskets on the door are manufactured from a flexible and resistant co-extruded silicon (3 sided) with a sweeper gasket on the bottom of the door blade to aid sealing.

Our Fire Doors have been designed to be installed onto insulated panels or blockwork/brickwork.



• Facing of the Stainless Steel leaf (thickness 80/100e).


• Door Closers in grey, white or Stainless Steel painted arms.


• Vision Panel – Oculus 350×550 mm restop with triple glazing 86 mm thick


• Door blade protection in Stainless Steel

Fire Door 3 - Test

The tests were carried out by Laboratoires Efectis France, specialising in fire safety and a major player in the field of fire science.


The tested Fire Rated Door is a positive isothermal hinged door, with Stainless Steel siding on the leaf, a triple glazed oculus, and a door closer.


The fire resistance tests were conducted in April 2017 based on the following standards:

EN 1363-1: 2012 and 1634-1: 2014


The door was mounted in a flexible support construction standardised sandwich panels installed in a 200mm thick concrete frame.


The fire classification achieved during the tests are:


EI2-90 is firebreak 1 hour 30 minutes when the direction of the fire is the opposite side to the hinges.


EI2-60 is fireproof 1 hour when the door is equipped with an Oculus and the direction of fire is the opposite side to the hinges.


EI2-30 is firebreak 30 minutes when the direction of the fire is the side of the hinges.

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