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The ClearWave is a highly sensitive, high performance switch designed to activate

automatic doors by detecting the movement of a person or object.


This Non-Touch microwave technology switch is ideal for installations where hygiene is of paramount importance such as white room, food processing and chemical industry applications.


With no wearable parts the ClearWave will outlast any standard opening device like push buttons and pull cords, both of which are susceptible to wear and tear and build-up of dirt.


This makes the ClearWave the best solution for any application.

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Clearwave 2

Available Stickers


Adjustable touchless detection ranges from 5-40cm

Hygienic Door Activation

Extremely small, light, and attractive

Sleek Design

Clearwave 1 Clearwave - Detection Area Improved Hygiene Versatile Water Resistant Reduced Time Onsite CLEARWAVE - CONTROL CABINET

Non-touch switch, ideal for applications where hygiene is of paramount importance such as white rooms, food processing, hospital, and chemical industry applications.

Improved Hygiene

3 different faceplate stickers are included with every ClearWave unit.

Detection distance can be adjusted between 5 and 40cm to suit all intended applications.

Toggle or Pulse mode settings possible.


Water resistant foam gasket protects the switch from water damage.

Water Resistant

Flush mounted, removing the need for time consuming wall construction.

Reduced Time Onsite


Detection Method:  

Installation height:

Presence Timer: 

IP Rating:

Power Supply:

Power Consumption:

Operating temperature:

Operating Humidity: 


Available Colours: 

Product Specification

Clearwave: Door Activation Switch

K-Band 24.125Ghz - Microwave Motion Detection

2 600 mm (8,5 ft) max.



12 to 30V DC, 12 to 24V AC

40mA (DC24V)

20°C to +60°C, (-4°F to 131°F)

0 to 90%

80g + 160g


No requirement for back box.


The ClearWave is completely flush mounted for zero wall damage.


This makes it easy to fit to any wall or Control Cabinet (see left).

Ease of Installation

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ClearWave - Non-Touch Activation Switch

Instruction Manual

PDF Download